Full-Length Sharknado 6 Trailer Features Dragon/Shark Hybrids

Full-Length Sharknado 6 Trailer Features Dragon/Shark Hybrids

The first full-length trailer for Syfy's Sharknado 6 is out, and it features the first look at dragon/shark hybrids that our heroes will have to contend with. The Sharknado series became a massive hit from people loving the idea of its ridiculous concept (that concept literally being sharks caught in a tornado and causing devastation) and its fun campiness. Now, the series has spawned five sequels, and the antics have only gotten wilder and wilder as the series has progressed.

The official title of the film is The Last Sharknado: It's About Time, and it's set to be the grand finale of the infamous series. It was revealed back in February that the movie will be a time-travel adventure, with Ian Ziering's Fin journeying through time to stop the very first Sharknado from happening, saving the world and his family (who he lost in the last film) in the process. Sharknado 6 looks like it will live up to the legacy of the series; it will feature dinosaurs, costumed heroes, futuristic worlds, and even Noah's ark.

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ONE Media posted the first full-length trailer for the film, and there's a lot to process in it. Fin will be traveling through time to all sorts of different historical time periods. Judah Friedlander welcomes Finn to prehistoric times, where he witnesses a shark jumping out of the water to devour a T-Rex, and runs into both Tara Reid's April and Cassandra Scerbo's Nova, who explains, "I know this is extremely confusing, but we're all very much alive." The wildest part of the trailer is undoubtedly when the gang travels to Medieval times, specifically Merlin's castle, where they face off with dragon/shark hybrids that can fly and breathe fire. It's likely that they will have to use magic to defeat these dragon-sharks.

The trailer also shows adventures in the wild west and colonial America, where Paul Revere runs through town shouting, "The sharks are coming! The sharks are coming!" If you've ever wanted to see Benjamin Franklin punch a shark in the face, Sharknado 6 is the movie for you. The final section of the trailer shows a futuristic dystopian world where Fin fights off robot sharks and is surrounded by an army of future April's, none of whom look happy to see him.

The Sharknado series is known for its wackiness, something that it fully embraces and that audiences know going in. With a time-travel plot, the possibilities for how crazy and silly Sharknado 6 can get are endless, and with this being the final installment, Syfy is sure to end their flagship disaster horror comedy science fiction series with a bang.

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The Last Sharknado: It's About Time premieres Sunday August 19 at 8pm ET on Syfy.

Source: ONE Media

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