Spider-Man: Far from Home Logo Officially Unveiled

Spider-Man: Far from Home Logo Officially Unveiled

Production on Spider-Man: Far from Home has been underway for about a month and Sony has now released the official logo for the sequel to coincide with National Spider-Man Day. After the success of the first film, a sequel was quickly confirmed, but a lot has happened since then. At the end of Homecoming, Peter Parker was reluctant to join the Avengers, instead deciding to cut his teeth as the neighborhood friendly Spider-Man. However, Peter officially joined the team during the events of Infinity War and didn't make it out of the film alive, leading to several questions as to how he'll return in Avengers 4 and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The mysteries of Avengers 4 aren't going to be solved for quite a while and the same can be said about Spider-Man: Far From Home. Sony has released the first official logo for the sequel and it looks pretty much the same as the Homecoming logo with some subtle changes. The font and white lettering underneath are nearly identical, with the little Spider-Man face being utilized in the "O" in the word home. As for the background, it's black instead of the blue from the first installment and has the same look and feel as the Captain Marvel logo.

With the return of the playful Spider-Man face in the new logo, it's led many to believe that Spider-Man: Far From Home will have a similar tone to the first installment, which makes sense. The first film was a great mashup of a Marvel Cinematic Universe project mixed with a the classic John Hughes movies, so going in a similar direction seems like a good idea, just as long as they don't rehash the same jokes. On the other hand, Peter Parker will have gone through some major stuff before the events of the sequel, which may affect the tone of this next adventure.

In other Spider-Man: Far From Home news, it still has not been confirmed if Jake Gyllenhaal will be the main villain in the movie. It has been heavily rumored that the actor is in talks to portray Mysterio, but there hasn't been any announcement by Marvel Studios or Gyllenhaal. The actor was spotted a few miles from the set of the sequel in London over the weekend, which led to speculation that he will indeed be in the film. We're still waiting for Tom Holland to kindly "leak" that information though.

Spider-Man: Far From Home doesn't open in theaters until next July, so don't expect too much about the storyline to be revealed until next year. The sequel is coming out really close to the release of Avengers 4, so many fans are wondering how Marvel Studios will pull off the marketing campaigns for both movies without spoiling anything about either one. While that remains to be a mystery, if anyone can pull off that feat, it's Marvel Studios. While we wait for more information about the sequel, you can check out the brand-new logo below, thanks to Marvel Studios.

Spider-Man Far From Home Logo

Official logo for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’