Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Finale Recap

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Finale Recap

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Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Finale Recap

The two-part Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Finale brings this season’s storylines to a head. Believing that Sarge is the only one strong enough to stop Izel, Daisy and May head with him into the jungle, where Izel has taken control of Flint and used him to rebuild the monoliths. Daisy and May hope to be able to separate whatever demon from the other side of the gateway lives in Sarge’s body from him, leaving the Coulson side behind. Sarge isn’t so sure that will work; if the demon is gone, what’ll be left of him?

The Shaw Drive

With the team maintaining radio silence, the rest of the SHIELD team at the Lighthouse is helpless to assist. Deke has an idea. He takes Fitz-Simmons to a previously empty floor of the Lighthouse where he has moved his tech startup. The group has built the slap bracelets that keep Izel from possessing people. Now they are working on a jump drive that could, theoretically, allow agents to teleport into the temple to free Mack and YoYo. Fitz yells at Deke about stealing tech, patenting it, and selling it for profit. Deke tells him that he built this company because he doesn’t fit in anywhere else. He’s a man out of time and even his own family thinks he’s a joke. Deke straps the jump drive to his back and teleports into the temple, freeing Mack, YoYo, and Flint.

Meanwhile, Izel has released her shrike onto a nearby resort. The infected begin to move toward the temple, forcing Sarge, May, and Daisy to fight, blowing the element of surprise. Daisy leads the infected away from the temple and back to the Quinjet, where she finds Mack and YoYo aboard. Mack and Daisy argue about the mission, with Mack still not trusting Sarge. The three barricade themselves in the disabled Quinjet, fighting off the horde of infected trying to get to them. During the fight, one of the shrike infects YoYo.

Deke, meanwhile, tries to teleport back to the Lighthouse, but the jump drive needs time to recharge. Instead, he is flushed out of the temple and through the jungle to another jet. Mack overhears Deke trying to hail the Lighthouse on the radio and talks Deke through the repairing the jet and piloting it over to rescue them.

Enoch’s Bluff


The Lighthouse isn’t answering Deke because it has been infiltrated and locked down by Chronicom hunters. All of the Chronicoms have been reassigned as hunters — including Isaiah, who is sent to Kitson to take out Enoch. The hunters know everything that Fitz-Simmons know about SHIELD protocols, including the emergency escape protocols. The hunters make their way through the Lighthouse, flushing out and killing SHIELD agents as the Chronicoms search for the Framework. Fitz-Simmons tell the surviving agents to head to the tech startup to hide; because Fitz-Simmons didn’t know about it when they were Chronicom captives, then the hunters won’t know about it either.

Fitz-Simmons head to where the Framework is stored and rig it with explosives. Hunters corner the couple. With no escape, the two prepare to sacrifice themselves to blow up the Framework, saving lives. Pinned down, the two are saved by Enoch, who defeated Isaiah and used his skin to infiltrate the hunters and save Fitz-Simmons. Enoch believes there is a way to escape, but it will mean forever altering the course of Fitz-Simmons’s lives.

The Temple


At the temple, May and Sarge confront Izel. Izel and May each try to get Sarge to join them. Sarge knows anger, fear, and pain. May tells him that’s love. Sarge now knows the only way to be rid of pain is to cut it out of himself. He stabs May with the sword and pushes her through the gateway to the other realm. In the other realm, life and death are meaningless. May removes the sword from her abdomen and uses it to take out the three guardians of the temple. Izel goes through the gateway and battles May on the other side, holding May off long enough to replace the stones that open the temple door, letting the rest of her people into the temple in order to access the gateway.

Daisy, Mack, and YoYo confront Sarge, who has wholly given himself to the demon. The demon is stronger than Daisy’s quake ability. He is stronger than Mack. While Sarge fights them off, YoYo is possessed by the shrike. Neither Daisy nor Mack has the will to kill YoYo. Sarge turns Daisy so that her back is to the gateway, threatening to torture her for eternity once his people come through. Izel comes through the gateway and is about to stab Daisy from behind when May follows Izel through and kills her. That cause the shrike to die, releasing YoYo. May throws the sword to Mack, who kills Sarge, closing the gateway.

“We Had Time”


May dies in Daisy’s arms, asking if there was anything of Coulson left. Simmons enter the temple with a team in hazmat suits. She tells the rest that May will be fine. May is put into a pod and her tissue will be revived once her body reaches the correct core temperature. Once the hazmat team has collected samples from the monoliths, the SHIELD agents board Zephyr-1, equipped with the jump drive. From the air, they blow up the temple and are remote piloted by Fitz –who is not aboard– to New York City. The landscape has changes, with the Empire State Building the tallest building by far, possibly the tallest building left in the world according to Simmons.

Simmons explains that the hunters are trying to turn the earth into Chronyca-3. They have Fury’s black box and access to centuries of SHIELD information. SHIELD is the only organization strong enough to stop the Chronicoms, but they need someone with vast and intimate knowledge of SHEILD and its history to stop them. To that end, Enoch has helped create SHIELD’s most advanced Life Model Decoy. It has Chronicom tech and all of its host’s memories. Simmons introduces the Coulson LMD to serve as Mack’s right hand man and help them defeat the Cronicoms.

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