Swamp Thing Series Finale Recap

Swamp Thing Series Finale Recap

Swamp Thing Episode 10 Recap

Things come to a head in the Swamp Thing Series Finale. Abby and Swamp Thing are still holding Alec’s body in the swamp when the Swamp Thing tells her that men are approaching again, but this time it’s different. This time they’re angry and want revenge. Abby tells him she’s so sorry about what happened to Alec, but the Swamp Thing counters that he never was Alec. Abby says he’s wrong; the best part of Alec — his mind and his memories — live in the Swamp Thing. Abby says she doesn’t want to see these men hurt him again. The Swamp Thing says that he won’t let them this time.


Ellery leads a team of Conclave paramilitary types into the swamp to find and kill the creature. Avery tells Ellery to take it easy on the creature, that this is still his project. Ellery no longer trusts Avery and cuts him out altogether. In the swamp, the Swamp Thing isolates and kills one of the mercenaries, using him as bait to lead the rest into a trap. Swamp Thing uses the plant life to cut off their escapes and kills the mercenaries. He leaves Ellery alive to go back and tell the Conclave what he witnessed here, what the creature is capable of doing, and to tell them never to return.

Running Out of Friends in this Town


Avery heads to Delroy’s to drink away his sorrows, but is hit with more bad news. Matt was in a car accident. Avery goes to the hospital and finds the sheriff sitting with Matt. Avery tells her that he’s been thinking. With Maria in the psychiatric ward, they’ll soon be getting a divorce. If the sheriff and Matt will stand with Avery, they can finally be together as a family. The sheriff tells Avery that she can’t forget how Avery turned Matt into a killer and then stabbed him. She hopes she’s the one to send Avery to hell.

In the hospital parking lot, the sheriff is attacked by Avery, who waits in the back seat of her cruiser. He stabs her through the seat and when she blacks out, he traps her in the trunk of the cruiser and sends it into the swamp, watching the car submerge in the water.

A Bigger Destiny


Liz heads to the video store to confront Danny about being the Blue Devil. Danny reveals that he is the devil, and that the devil is still chattering away inside his head. Danny has only ever wanted to leave Marais, and now that he has the chance, he’s not thinking of heading back to L.A. and laying on the beach. He thinks that there is a greater destiny out there for him.

Danny drives to the edge of town. Instead of slowing down as he nears the sign marking the barrier that has kept him trapped in Marais, Danny floors it. His mission complete, he passes through with no problem at all.

Healing Properties


Abby goes to Maria in the hospital to find out who the men are that have entered the swamp so she can find a way to get them to back off before they harm the Swamp Thing. At the hospital, Maria is plagued by the demons she stirred up when she tried to contact Shauna. Xanadu offers Maria peace, but warns that she may not be able to return from it. When Abby arrives, Maria is trapped in an illusion that Shauna is with her. Xanadu tells Abby that Avery is her best hope for answers now.

Woodrue takes his wife to the Sunderland house after she overdoses on her Alzheimer’s medication. She is mentally awake but physically inert, so he tapes her to a dining room chair while he slices and cooks the organs he harvested from the Swamp Thing. There’s not time to properly test the effects of ingesting the organ tissue, so he samples a bite before he feeds it to Caroline. Woodrue collapses, then revives feeling better than ever. His strength is enhanced and he feels attuned to nature.

Abby arrives at the Sunderland home, looking for Avery. When she sees Caroline, Abby calls 9-1-1, but Woodrue knocks the phone from her hand. He tells Abby that the only thing that can save Caroline is the plant specimens he harvested from the creature. Woodrue tries to feed a bite to Caroline, but Abby stops him. Woodrue chokes Abby for interfering. Abby is saved when a police officer arrives in response to the call and tazes Woodrue. An ambulance arrives to take Caroline to the hospital while Woodrue is arrested.

Abby returns to Alec’s lab. The Swamp Thing is there. He admits that he thought about wandering into the swamp and never returning, but doing so would mean losing his only connection to humanity in Abby. Abby says that she cares about him — not just the man whose mind and memories he carries, but who he is now. There is darkness and danger in the swamp, but there is a beauty that she’s only seen because of him, and she will stand with him to face whatever comes next together.

In the post-credits stinger, Matt returns to the police station to find the power out, no one there, and the place ransacked. Further investigation reveals plant matter has sprung up, freeing Woodrue from his cell. Matt encounters Woodrue, changed into a plant creature himself now.

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