DuckTales Finally Debuts Donald’s Twin Sister, Della Duck

DuckTales Finally Debuts Donald’s Twin Sister, Della Duck

In the long-awaited one-hour season one finale of Disney’s DuckTales, the series fully debuted Della Duck, Donald Duck’s twin sister and the mother of triplets Huey, Louie and Dewey.

Paget Brewster will recur as the voice of Della Duck in Season 2 of the hit animated series, in which her character will be reintroduced with her children, years after their separation at birth.

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In DuckTales canon, Donald and Della were Scrooge McDuck’s original partners-in-crime (or, adventure), with Della being characterized as a fearless pilot and explorer. In the lead-up to the revived DuckTales‘ Season 1 finale it’s revealed that Della — before her children were hatched — took Scrooge McDuck’s secret rocket ship, got caught in a cosmic storm and became lost in the “dark abyss,” explaining away the character’s absence throughout the long-running franchise. Well, she’s back — for the first time.

Della was first mentioned in a Donald Duck newspaper comic strip and animated short film in the late 1930s; beyond those references, there’s been little-to-no mention of the character.

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Starring David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck, DuckTales wrapped its first season on Disney Channel this Saturday.

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