Someone's Been Teasing Grand Theft Auto 6 For 2019 But It's A Hoax

Someone's Been Teasing Grand Theft Auto 6 For 2019 But It's A Hoax

by Tom Chapman – on Jul 03, 2018 in Game News

Sorry gaming fans, a recent tease of Grand Theft Auto VI turns out to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax. There were shocked faces all around as it looked like Rockstar Games had dropped a surprise announcement of GTA VI in recent rounds of Grand Theft Auto Online. Sadly, someone has been exploiting the dreams of the franchise's loyal fanbase.

As far back as 2016, gamers have been clinging to the news that Grand Theft Auto VI is already in development. With rumors of a Tokyo setting, a bigger online presence, and even the franchise's first female lead, no one knows anything about Rockstar's plans for Grand Theft Auto VI - which is arguably just part of the fun. Fans know the game is coming, just not when.

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The rumor mill went into overdrive when players spotted a pop-up message from "Rockstar" in Grand Theft Auto Online. Several gamers captured the screenshots and uploaded them to Reddit, which has forced (the actual) Rockstar to release a statement. Posted by Rockstar Support's Twitter, the company confirmed that one clever hacker was making use of GTA Online's Social Club messaging system. Confirming the hoax, Rockstar dashed everyone's hopes that GTA VI is coming sooner rather than later.

Looking back at the history of Grand Theft Auto, there were two years between Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto II, followed by two years between II and Grand Theft Auto III, seven between III and Grand Theft Auto IV, and five between IV and Grand Theft Auto V. Development schedules may be hard to pin down, but with GTA V hitting consoles in 2013, players are expecting some sort of announcement in the near future.

With Grand Theft Auto V being the most profitable entertainment property of all time, there are high hopes that a sixth main series game can continue with the same success. That being said, with GTA V being relatively fresh in everyone's minds thanks to its record-breaking ability to still grab headlines and Grant Theft Auto Online still sitting pretty in the gaming charts, Rockstar seems to still be focussing its efforts on what is already working.

Although Rockstar is notoriously cagey with its games and doesn't bother with the likes of E3 to make big announcements, such an under the radar reveal of Grand Theft Auto VI should've set hoax alarm bells ringing in the first place. Let's also remember that one of the big rumors is that Grand Theft Auto VI will only release on next-gen consoles. With both Microsoft and Sony saying that gamers shouldn't expect new consoles until at least 2020, it sounds like there is still a bit of a wait before anyone can get behind the wheel of Grand Theft Auto VI.

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Source: Diana_McFarland/Reddit, Rockstar Support/Twitter

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