Watch Batman: The Animated Series’ Opening Credits as Remastered in HD

Watch Batman: The Animated Series’ Opening Credits as Remastered in HD

Batman: The Animated Series, the fan-favorite Saturday morning cartoon from the ’90s, has been remastered in HD for the DC Universe streaming service and now we’ve gotten an official glimpse at to how it will look, as Warner Bros. Entertainment has released the opening credits online.

As we see goons robbing a bank in Gotham, the Batmobile speeding through the city, the Dark Knight beating them down on a rooftop, and that glorious end shot of Batman on top a skyscraper with lightning illuminating the night, it’s very apparent how much of a difference HD makes — especially as seen in this IGN comparison.

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Everything from the rain in Gotham, to the flames of the bank explosion, to the lightning itself are all brighter and really add detail to the beloved series. Sure, the dark, gritty and saturated feel helped make the cartoon fit the shadowy world of the Caped Crusader, but clearly, this remastered version will not be losing any of that essence at all.

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Loyalists can wait for the Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray box set (which just got its release date pushed back) or stream it even earlier on DC Universe.

If you subscribe to DC Universe before September 10, not only will you get exclusive access to the entire remastered series before everyone else, but you’ll also be entered in a special giveaway that includes the ultimate Hollywood Batman experience with a trip to L.A., including a tour of Warner Bros.’ studio and DC’s offices in Burbank.

Batman: The Animated Series in HD will arrive on the DC Universe October 15 and be available for Blu-ray purchase on October 30.

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